Premium Paper Tole Silicone 75 mls

Paper Tole

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Premium Paper Tole Silicone - Non-Acetic Neutral Cure Higher Quality than Dow Corning with lower oil levels than Dow Corning. Silicone packed to our specifications. This is a superb silicone for paper tole. Special applicator nozzle is the ideal dispenser for fine work, making small piece adhesion a breeze. Unbeatable quality for tole. One of the best features is that this silicone will not bleed through the print like acid based silicones (including some varieties of Dow Corning). 75mls is approximately 3 ounces.
Warning: Do not use acid based silicones on your paper tole if you plan on keeping it long term and are not just learning. If you smell an acetic vinegar smell, then the silicone is acid based.
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