Premium Feathering Kit

Paper Tole

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This is the ideal Delux Starter Kit to get you going. We have packed this specially for the beginner or experienced Toler who wants all the tools required right from the start. You can choose whatever print kit to go with the Delux starter kit from our online catalog.(cost of print kit extra)

This flexibility allows you to do the project you want from the start. It also make the ideal present for friends or family interested in crafts, and allows you to pick the type of print kit you know they will like.
  • Gloss Varnish
  • Beautifully pointed Surgical Scissors instead of the Standard tole knife
  • Tweezers which will make your life easier to handle and place all of those tiny pieces
  • Self healing cutting board
  • Non Acetic Silicone
  • Nylon "Paper Shaper"
    Simply the Best Shaping Tool Made in the World
  • High Density Shaping Pad
  • Paint Brush
  • 4 Page Instructional Guide
  • Edging Pencil
  • Cutout storage Page
    Instructional Guide

    * Price is per unit Includes Free Freight