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Paper Tole

Our Kits and Cutting Guides

Each of our standard print kits come with either 5, 6, 7 or 8 identical prints, graphically illustrated cutting guides with each piece isolated, identified, and numbered along with written instructions. The projects can be interpreted across all languages, because of the graphical and numerical system used.

On more complex kits up to 8 prints are used. We have tried to keep the number of prints down to keep your cost down and still retain the detail, by using every part of every print. If you want additional prints besides the ones that come with the kit, these are available for the more complex kits like the Anton Piecks. If there is no facility to order an additional print, just email us, mention the fact you just ordered, and let us know what additional prints you would like to go with the kits you selected.

Advanced tolers generally do not need instuctions, as they can visualize almost instantly what any picture will look like in a 3 dimensional form. However, we have found that even these tolers appreciate our detailed instructions either to adopt some of our techniques, or simply because they have to finish a project quickly and do not have the time to carefully lay it out themselves.

For the beginner, the cutout guides along with the instructions are a valuable asset when first learning the craft. By perusing through our on-line catalogue you can easily identify what kit would be the best starter for yourself, trying intially, if you are a beginner, to focus on a simple image with few elements. One of the images that we teach, is the "Piano Girl" by Anton Pieck. You can find a finished example here

The Piano girl is a great instructional kit, as it utilizes many of the techniques used in Paper Tole. If you are instructing a class, the Piano Girl kit is an ideal kit to run a beginners class as you can easily complete the project within 2 hours.


All of our kits are protected by copyright, with thousands of hours invested in the creation of the cutting guides. Copying or other unauthorized use of our instructions is contrary to law, carries heavy penalties, and will be strictly enforced, worldwide.


Paper Tole and 3D Decoupage Paper Crafts