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Make sure you visit our new wholesale store...Everybody Welcome

One of the most prevalent problems facing paper tolers, is the selection of prints suitable for doing their project. There are prints, and there are tole prints There is a big difference between the two. Generally you are looking for prints that have well defined images which you can cut to, and try to avoid complicated backgrounds such as trees etc unless they are defined. Cutting pictures with hair raises a difficult problem in trying to make it realistic.

Ensure the paper the print is printed on is of sufficient weight and texture to properly complete the project. I say this, as choosing the incorrect paper can lead to devastating results when gluing or glazing. For example, it is not uncommon for people to have problems with glue moving through the paper creating an oily mark on the surface. This virtually destroys your work.

All of our prints have been carefully selected to avoid this problem. Be wary of people who sell cheap thin prints, whilst good for framing purposes, are definitely not satisfactory for paper tole work.

Most of our prints are manufactured specifically for paper tole, having the correct texture and weight

Another common problem is choice of glues. Choose silicone, but be sure it is neutral cure and not acetic cure. Acetic cure silicone can be identified by its smell, and is commonly used to glaze windows, where the acid is useful in etching the glass to ensure a good bond. The problem that arises when you use this glue in paper tole is, that the glue inevitably bleeds through the paper (especially thinner papers) creating an oily finish that both destroys the appearance, and makes it virtually impossible to apply a lacquer or glaze to the selected area.

The silicone we supply has been manufactured in the USA to our specifications, especially for the use in paper tole. It is non-acetic, and comes in two sizes. Check our Tools & Accessories page to find it.

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